Sudoku The Board Game brings 1 to 4 friends together to solve a challenging and addictive Sudoku puzzle. Using simple logic and reasoning, players compete against each other to solve the puzzle.

Sudoku The Board Game

A 30 second timer adds to the competitive pressure to be the highest scorer.

To start a game, shuffle the deck of 200 Sudoku puzzle cards. Pick the top one, and copy the puzzle to the wipe-off board using the black wipe-off marking pen.

Each player in turn, has 30 seconds to complete one cell of their choice. Got the answer? Fill in the cell using your color wipe-off marking pen.

Run out of time? The play passes to the next player.

Of course, your competition isn’t as smart as you. (You learn my Sudoku tips and hints.) So you can challenge them when they fill in the wrong number, erasing their entry and lowering their score.

The answers to the 200 puzzles are given in the Sudoku The Board Game Instructions Puzzle Solutions booklet.

But you are not limited to the 200 puzzles that come with the board game. You can use any Sudoku puzzle you choose. I have many on this website that you can use.

Likewise major daily newspapers will provide a supply for many years to come.

The nice thing about using a puzzle from other sources, is you can choose the difficulty level you prefer should the puzzles that come with the board game seem too simple as your skills increase.

Sudoku The Board Game is a game that you can play by yourself if you choose. The wipe-off board makes it convenient to use from your easy chair.

The best use of the board game is of course the camaraderie that a multi-player board game provides. Why not get a game and have some quality family time together.

I recommend this game to those who like a wipe-off Sudoku board game. Just be sure to use only the dry-wipe pens. As with any dry-wipe board, it is best to wipe the board clean after every game. Prolonged drying makes it more difficult to clean the board later.

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