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Where To Start

Many beginners, when faced with a Sudoku puzzle, often wonder where do I start? I usually begin by methodically scanning the puzzle for each number, one through nine.

When I see multiple givens of the same number, I then slice and dice and see how many cells I can solve. This is a good way to find single possibilities for a given cell.

Sometimes I may not be able to solve a cell because there are two possible locations in a row or column. I can use these two cells to eliminate any candidates in the same row or column that have the same number.

Other times I use a pair of numbers in the same row or column in conjunction with givens in other rows, columns, or regions, to place candidates in another 3×3 region. This way I am effectively removing possible candidates without ever writing them in.

What To Look For

After penciling in candidates in a row, column, or region, I begin looking for patterns beginning with the easier ones and then progressing to the harder ones.

I first look for pairs or triples of candidates. Then I progress to harder patterns such as X-Wing, Swordfish, XY-Wing and so forth.

Applying Logic

After spotting a pattern, then I use a little logic to help me solve the Sudoku puzzle. This gets fun when you can use logic to break a chain or eliminate candidates from cells.

This is just a beginning of Sudoku strategies. Why not share your tactics to solving a Sudoku puzzle? Show off your skills and be recognized as a Sudoku Pro. Help and be helped.