Picking the perfect Sudoku game is difficult. There are many excellent games from which to choose. You have Sudoku Dragon™, Sudoku Works, Pappocom Sudoku, Simple Sudoku, and many others. I bought them, I played them, and now I can recommend the best game for you. Read my reviews, then decide.

There are several excellent Sudoku software programs for your PC computer.

If you don’t like computers, then consider a Sudoku board game or paper and pencil printable Sudoku puzzles.

My personal preference is to play Sudoku on a computer. With a program running on my PC, I enjoy the maximum speed possible.

No hiccups from my DSL modem causing me to loose my Internet connection at some critical moment.

Sudoku Game Interface Characteristics

Five Sudoku computer games worthy of your consideration are:

All are excellent programs.

Personal taste will probably drive your selection decision. The look and feel interfaces are very different.

Simple Sudoku allows you to enter or remove cell values by the keyboard, or from a right mouse button menu selection. You can switch between the two at any time.

Pappocom Sudoku allows you to type in cell values or use your mouse, but not both at the same. A game option requires you to make a choice. (bummer)

Sudoku Dragon™ is like Simple Sudoku minus the option to select a cell number from the menu on your mouse. Candidates are entered using a checkbox.

To use the mouse, Pappocom Sudoku requires you to first select the number button with your mouse (button or wheel) and then click the cell to enter that number into the cell. Forget the first step and you will enter the wrong number into a cell.

Simple Sudoku gives you the flexibility to choose a cell by clicking your mouse button or by using your keyboard arrow keys to cursor to the cell location.

How Do You Want To Play Sudoku?

Your personal philosophy about Sudoku will make you like or scorn a particular Sudoku program. Consider automation. Do you want your computer program to automatically show and remove candidates or not?

Do you prefer to manually pencil in cell candidates or not? If you prefer to pencil in cell candidates, do you also want to remove all the cell candidates manually too?

Failure to remove a candidate when it is no longer an option may cause you to make a mistake in logic.

Another consideration that can affect which computer program to use is the difficulty types and levels. Every computer program I have reviewed so far, allows you to select different difficulty levels.

It is the programmer’s skill that determines how hard the most difficult Sudoku puzzle will be. If the programmer can not or does not allow patterns such as X-Wing, XY-Wing, Swordfish, etc., then you will never see one in a difficult puzzle.

Do you want to play any other Sudoku games than the classic 9×9 Sudoku grid? How about a 4×4 for kids or people with dementia!

Perhaps you are a Sudoku expert and love the challenge of a 12×12 or a 16×16 or a 20×20 for experts? If so, Sudoku Dragon™ is your choice.

Some PC programs allow you to select the grid matrix, others do not.

Do you want to learn Sudoku better? A program that gives you hints will help you learn the game better. But not all programs will give you hints. Sudoku Dragon™ will give you hints and thirteen (13) tutorials.

One feature beginners like about a Sudoku software is the automatic validity checks. This prevents you from entering a wrong number into a cell. Are you a purist? Then check to see if you can turn this feature off.

You have to weigh the pros and cons about each computer Sudoku game when deciding which Sudoku game is best for you. So, without further ado, choose the Sudoku game review to help you decide.