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Sudoku Solver Program

Sudoku Puzzle Solver Algorithm-Driven Program and Computer There are several good puzzle solvers online and available, but most of them implement only a few solution-seeking algorithms and then fall back

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by Rick Yakubisin(Greensburg, PA) Any row, column or grid. Pick a candidate and count how many the chosen candidate is in the row, column or grid. Count the cells that

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Related Values Chaining

by Cliff McQuesten(Florida panhandle) Related Values Chaining extends xy-chaining to analyze row-, column- and box- interactions between chain links and cells that are not part of the chain. A group

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To use the chain strategy, pick a box with only 2 candidates that you would like to solve. Now imagine that the answer to that box is the first candidate.

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Row of 3

by RFTredwell(Orono, Maine, USA) Suppose you have solved three cells in a row (or column) within a region. (Rows with letters, from top; columns with numbers from left.) For instance,

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Using Colors

by Mohammed Hajooze(Aleppo Syria) First I use Orange to mark the start of color mapping, in this example the candidate is (1). Find a column or row where the candidate

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Rule of Two

by Cynthia Wilson(White Sulphur Springs MT USA) For difficult puzzles, I’ve adopted what I call the Rule of Two. Simply put: no cell should ever have more than two numbers

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by Colleen Atradley(lkwd, co usa) In the cell I put a dot for 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 When I look at a cell a know

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Coupled Pairs

by Robert Benson(San Diego, CA, USA) While I use all the methods you give, one of my favorites (which I have not seen in print yet) is to use “coupled

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Programming Sudoku

How to Program Sudoku Programming Sudoku is a challenge for computer programmers. Could a little advice help you in creating your next masterpiece? Several programmers have contacted me in the

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Free Sudoku Worksheet

Download this free Sudoku worksheet to help you solve all of your Sudoku puzzles. This handy Sudoku Excel template will allow you to enter and remove candidates for each cell.  

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Medium Sudoku Puzzles

You have come to the preferred source of medium Sudoku puzzles. Sudoku Essentials assures you of quality printable Sudoku puzzles in PDF format. My large print Sudoku puzzles are handcrafted

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