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Sudoku Strategies for Beginners

To learn how to play sudoku, aside from understanding its basic rules, you need to have fundamental knowledge about sudoku strategies for beginners. In this article, we will discuss various sudoku tips for beginners.

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The True Origins of Japanese Sudoku

Sudoku is uncomplicated to learn, necessitates no deep mathematical calculations, and offers an unexpectedly wide range of logic situations. All that is essential to solve Sudoku is brains and concentration. Yet whenever Sudoku is mentioned, especially by first-time solvers, it is assumed that the puzzle originated from Japan because of the name. But is it really the truth? Now, you will find out.

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Killer Sudoku Rules

Killer sudoku is considered one of the most common and well-known sudoku variants.  At first glance, a killer sudoku puzzle can appear scary due to the dashed lines and no

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Programming Sudoku

How to Program Sudoku Programming Sudoku is a challenge for computer programmers. Could a little advice help you in creating your next masterpiece? Several programmers have contacted me in the

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Free Sudoku Worksheet

Download this free Sudoku worksheet to help you solve all of your Sudoku puzzles. This handy Sudoku Excel template will allow you to enter and remove candidates for each cell.  

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Medium Sudoku Puzzles

You have come to the preferred source of medium Sudoku puzzles. Sudoku Essentials assures you of quality printable Sudoku puzzles in PDF format. My large print Sudoku puzzles are handcrafted

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