I downloaded Simple Sudoku , I played it, and now I can tell you what I liked and disliked about it. Read this review and then decide if this Sudoku game is for you.

Simple Sudoku is the creation of Angus Johnson. It is my favorite Sudoku game. It is well designed and flexible to use.

Not only does it generate symmetrical Sudoku puzzles that have one solution, it also has the tools to help you solve the randomly generated puzzles.

It is like having your own private Sudoku tutor. Beginners and experts alike will appreciate the hints it gives to solve a Sudoku puzzle.

This Sudoku game software is designed for Windows® PCs, particularly Win9x®, Win2000®, and WinXP®. It will also work on Windows 10.

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Difficulty Levels

Five difficulty levels are available to satisfy the novice to expert Sudoku solver. They are Easy, Standard, Hard, Expert, and Extreme.

Unlike Pappocom Sudoku, the puzzles created will test your skills. Difficult patterns such as X-Wing, XY-WIng, and Swordfish are generated on the higher difficulty levels.

Grid Options

If you want to play a Sudoku game with different Sudoku grid sizes, such as 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, 14×14, and 16×16 then you should consider Pappocom Sudoku.

This game only generates puzzles on the classic 9×9 grid. You can, however, change the puzzle size to make it larger or smaller to meet your visual needs.


Sudoku does not require that you use numbers. You could use any symbol or color that you choose. Simple Sudoku however requires you to use numbers. Other symbols are not an option.

Look and Feel Adjustments

Some folks like to customize the look and feel interface of a program. This program allows you to only change cell colors, selected cell colors and the puzzle size.

Cell Entry

Simple Sudoku allows you the flexibility to type in cell values or use the right mouse button to select the cell value from a menu. You can also exclude cell candidates using the mouse menu or the keyboard ALT key + digit.

Pencil In Markups

Solving hard Sudoku puzzles will require the ability to see all the cell candidates. If you want to pencil in the possible cell candidates on a cell by cell basis, you are out of luck.

Simple Sudoku doesn’t allow you to pencil in candidates. But it does allow you to see all the candidates for each cell. You can toggle this feature on or off at will.

Simple Sudoku takes the approach of giving you all the cell candidates and leaving it up to you the solver, to remove the unwanted candidates. This method is faster than penciling in all the candidates. A real time saver.


Hints are just a click away. Clicking the “?” button will display a hint in the comment field below the puzzle grid. Often the message says something like “Hidden Single”.

The cell where the hidden single is will be highlighted. Can’t figure out what the number is? Look at the highlighted number key. That is your answer.

Now this feature may take the fun out of solving Sudoku. But it will help you solve the more difficult patterns such as Swordfish, etc., where you can spend a lot of time spinning your wheels. In this pattern you will be given a hint to “Exclude based on …” some pattern type.

Again the affected cells will be highlighted and you can remove multiple candidates from these cells from the keyboard or mouse key menu.

Validity Checks

The ability to automatically check your progress in solving a Sudoku puzzle is a favorite option for beginners. Why waste hours of time when setting an option to prevent wrong entries can prevent it? Remove or enter the wrong cell value and an error message will be displayed.

As you enter each correct cell value, Simple Sudoku will automatically remove that number from consideration for the remaining cells. Another great time saver.

Importing Sudoku Puzzles

If you like to import a Sudoku puzzle you found in a book, newspaper, or Sudoku Essentials website into this game, you can.

Simple Sudoku allows you to design your own puzzle. Just simply enter the “givens” into the design grid. Then press F3 to start to play the game. If there are any errors, you will be notified.


Want to hide your game playing from your boss? Well you will not be able to cloak your game as some other application.


Filtering is a feature unique to Simple Sudoku. You can simply find all the cells that contain the number you are looking for. It is a simple and fast way to find hidden single candidates.

Filtering on pairs will help you identify pairs of numbers in rows, columns, or regions. This will help you identify cells that you need to remove the paired numbers from.

You can also use filtering to help you visualize advanced solving methods.

Simple Sudoku Conclusion

Simple Sudoku is an excellent Sudoku game. This program is worthy of your consideration if this game provides the features you desire.

If there is any drawback to this program, it is that it may take the fun out of solving Sudoku if you rely on its solving tools too much. Hunting for single candidates becomes a snap.

Are you new to Sudoku? This program is an excellent teaching tool. It will help you solve difficult Sudoku puzzles using advanced techniques, even coloring.

Best of all it is freeware!

These are the facts, you decide!