You have come to the preferred source of medium Sudoku puzzles. Sudoku Essentials assures you of quality printable Sudoku puzzles in PDF format.

My large print Sudoku puzzles are handcrafted (for now) and tested for a single solution. Each PDF file contains the solution in case you want to verify that you solved the puzzle correctly.

These Sudoku puzzles are not that much harder than our easy Sudoku puzzles. You will find more hidden singles perhaps than in easy puzzles. Yes, then can be just a tiny bit more of a challenge. The hardest pattern you may find here is an occasional naked pair.

My article on Sudoku tips will give you all the info you need to identify these patterns.

Medium Grade Sudoku Puzzle

Medium Grade Sudoku Puzzle

If you get stuck solving these puzzles logically, follow these simple steps to complete your puzzle.

First, identify all the candidates for each puzzle cell. Solve for the naked singles first. When these are solved, then look for hidden singles.

Check each region, row, and column in that order for one cell that has a single number mixed in with other candidates. When you find that cell, you have found a hidden single. That is the answer for that cell.

Below are my Sudoku puzzles. Just click the link and the puzzle will appear in your browser. Enjoy!

Medium Sudoku Puzzles