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Look no farther. I have free Sudoku puzzles. They come in five grades easy, medium, hard, very hard, and fiendish (you might even say diabolical) puzzles. They are in PDF format for your convenience. Look below to find this growing collection.

These Sudoku puzzles have been hand created, tested with software for a single solution. Don’t you just hate it when a puzzle doesn’t have a single solution? I know I do. It is a sign of an amateur designer.

Grading of Sudoku puzzles is a little subjective. What is easy for a Sudoku expert, can be very hard to a novice. Some folks equate a Sudoku puzzle with a lot of “givens” and fewer empty spaces as an easy Sudoku puzzle.

I personally believe that it is the underlying puzzle structure and the strategic absence of certain numbers that determines the difficulty level for a puzzle and adds to the fun.

Sudoku Puzzle

Free Sudoku Puzzles

When I was trying to create some hard Sudoku puzzles by hand for this article, I found that many puzzles ended up being easier to solve than I planned. More empty cells didn’t make the puzzle that much harder.

So don’t be alarmed if my easy Sudoku puzzles have less “givens” than some you see in newspapers. The easy and medium puzzles are not tough to solve.

Are you ready? Sharpen your pencil and let’s play a Sudoku puzzle.

To download a printable puzzle, just click the puzzle link and wait until the puzzle appears in your browser.

Easy Free Sudoku Puzzles

Medium Free Sudoku Puzzles

Hard Free Sudoku Puzzles

Very Hard Free Sudoku Puzzle

Fiendish Sudoku Puzzles

Most of these Sudoku puzzles can be solved by using simple logic as described in my article How To Play Sudoku. There are many cells that have naked singles or hidden singles. More will appear as you solve the puzzle. See my article Sudoku Tips for an illustrated explanation.

If you get stuck solving these puzzles, be sure to identify and pencil in all the possible candidates for each cell. It will make solving these puzzles so much easier. Use my blank Sudoku grid with candidates worksheet to save time in finding all the candidates.

Just be sure to cross off the number found, in each row, column, and region that the number resided in. My article on using this grid will explain how to use the grid in more detail.

This sums up all the puzzles I have at the moment. Be sure to check back later. This collection of free printable Sudoku puzzles and games will grow. So bookmark this website now by pressing the keys (CTRL+D). Stay tuned!