Fiendish Sudoku – 200 Challenging Sudoku Puzzles has 200 very difficult printable puzzles that you can download today. This eBook is not for beginners. I’ll bet you can’t solve these fiendish Sudoku puzzles, at least not very quickly.

Don’t be deceived, not all puzzles that claim to be fiendish are difficult. I once had a visitor to this website who didn’t think the evil puzzles in her newspaper were very difficult.

They weren’t. The puzzle she sent me didn’t have any patterns harder than a naked pair. So I gave her one of mine. She soon changed her tune.

But this ebook is a challenge. You will find:

  • 18 Fiendish puzzles
  • 76 Very Fiendish puzzles
  • 106 Brutal puzzles

You will need to know advanced Sudoku strategies and techniques to solve these puzzles. How many? Not one, not two, but sometimes as many as six or more advanced patterns can be found in these puzzles.

You will need to know solving techniques such as X-Wing, XY-Wing, Swordfish, solving with colors and multiple colors. Of course, you will also have common naked and hidden singles, pairs, triples, and quads.

If you can’t solve these fiendish puzzles, I suggest you start with my other eBook Sudoku Easy To Very Hard. This eBook has 105 puzzles in increasing difficulty as the name implies.

But if you are ready for a challenge then I recommend that you download my latest eBook Fiendish Sudoku – 200 Challenging Sudoku Puzzles. It is a fat 239 pages.

That means there is only one large puzzle per 8 1/2 x 11 inches page that fills the page. Each cell is large enough to pencil in nine candidates. Most likely you will need candidates to solve these challenging Sudoku puzzles. They are tough.

Of course, each puzzle only has one solution. I will give you the answers at the back of the book if you need them.

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