Sudoku Puzzles for Beginners

Want to learn more about easy Sudoku puzzles? Here is the place to start. I have handcrafted these easy Sudoku puzzles for your enjoyment.

All of these easy printable free Sudoku puzzles can be solved by using simple logic, as described in my article How To Play Sudoku. You only need to scan for the same number and find the only possible position for that number. As you find new numbers, use these numbers as clues to find the rest.

Start with the 1s. Find all the 1s that you can. Then go to the 2s and do the same. You may not find all the numbers on your first pass. It depends on what numbers are missing.

There are many cells that have naked singles or hidden singles. More will appear as you solve the puzzle. Naked singles are the easiest pattern to solve for. See my article Sudoku Tips for an illustrated explanation.

Easy Sudoku Puzzle

Easy Sudoku Puzzle

Hidden singles are harder to find. One way is to identify and pencil in all the possible candidates for each cell.

Next, look for a cell that has one number that the rest of the cells in that row, column, or region do not have. This is a hidden single. It is the solution for that cell.

To make solving these puzzles so much easier. Use my blank Sudoku grid with candidates worksheet to save time in finding all the candidates.

Just be sure to cross off the number found, in each row, column, and region that the number resided in. My article on using this grid will explain how to use the grid in more detail.

Below are several easy printable free Sudoku puzzles. Just click the link and wait until the puzzle appears in your browser.

More Sudoku Puzzles – Easy

This sums up all the Sudoku puzzles I have at the moment. Be sure to check back later. This collection of free printable easy Sudoku puzzles and games will grow. So bookmark this website now by pressing the keys (CTRL+D). Stay tuned!