Games like sudoku

Puzzle Games Like Sudoku

There are hundreds of puzzle games that share some commonalities with sudoku, and I’m guessing you’ll love them if you’re a sudoku fan.

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Is Sudoku good for your brain?

Sudoku is a game that rewards many hours of repetitive practice.It is a highly complex mental game that requires a lot of effort that many say has many benefits for the brain

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The True Origins of Japanese Sudoku

Sudoku is uncomplicated to learn, necessitates no deep mathematical calculations, and offers an unexpectedly wide range of logic situations. All that is essential to solve Sudoku is brains and concentration. Yet whenever Sudoku is mentioned, especially by first-time solvers, it is assumed that the puzzle originated from Japan because of the name. But is it really the truth? Now, you will find out.

Play Sudoku On Your PC

Free Online Sudoku Levels include kids, easy, medium, hard, and evil Solve the free online sudoku puzzle by filling in the empty cells with a single number (from all the possible candidates) that doesn’t violate  Sudoku rules. There is only one correct number per cell. Scan the “givens” looking for the same number in different rows, …

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