Blank Sudoku Printable

Look no farther. I have them online ready for you to print. Try my special blank Sudoku grid with candidates worksheet. It will help you solve Sudoku and save you time.

How To Use Blank Grid With Candidates Worksheet

When solving Sudoku, it is often helpful to find all the candidates for each cell. My blank grid with candidates already has all the possible candidates printed for you.

Use this blank grid by entering the “givens” into each required cell. Be sure to cross off that number you just entered from all the other cells in the row, column, and region the number resides in.

As you cross off numbers, you are left with less possible candidates. You will be able to start seeing naked numbers that you can solve immediately.

Likewise, you will be able to apply the Sudoku tips that I illustrate in different articles on this website.

If you are new to Sudoku, I suggest that you read the article “How To Play Sudoku”.

Blank Grid With Candidates Worksheet

Blank Sudoku Grid Candidates Printable

The blank grid shown above (not actual size) is a sample of what my blank grid with candidates looks like. I suggest that you download and then print the blank grid with candidates PDF file.

If you are looking for just a plain blank Sudoku grid without candidates, click the link to download and save it to your computer.